Worship at First Presbyterian Church is the foundation for all that we do; it gives us nourishment and strength to act as Christ’s disciples in this world and to address the pressures of our own lives. Worship takes place in our sanctuary at 10:45am. In the summer, we meet at 9:30am. Sunday school for children is provided on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month in our One Room Sunday School. The sanctuary is located through our front doors and up the stairs. When you visit with us you can expect to be greeted by many smiling faces, but please feel free to let us know who you are! We hope to provide a hospitable environment where our guests can be comfortable but challenged, centered in themselves but also connected to community. We are looking forward to meeting you! 


Christian Education

Adult bible study is offered September through June at 9:30am and is taught by Rev. Kathryn Beilke. Educational series are also provided on particular topics throughout the year. 

Prayers on Warren Street

Are you going through a difficult time? Let our community share your burden and walk alongside you on your journey. You can do this by filling out a prayer card (you can be as anonymous as you want) and leaving it our box on Warren Street. You can also email us your prayer requests or send them to us on Facebook. Each week we will lift you up in prayer and be in solidarity with your concerns. Even if we never meet you or know your name, know that you are not alone! 

Small Groups


While churches that offer small groups generally do so according to commonality in age, gender, marital status, etc. (e.g “young marrieds”) First Presbyterian Church offers groups according to each member’s sense of vocational calling. This is in line with our belief that all members are ministers of the church. Each group undertakes a particular task, or set of tasks in service of the community or church. It is encouraged that as groups grow they will break off into sub‐groups each with their own sense of calling. Our existing small groups are as follows, but we hope to see more form as we grow!

Public Witness – We gather to brainstorm creative ways the church can get our message across to the community. We seek to do so in ways that are bold, different, and bring glory to God. Ministries: Branding, Social Media and Website, Signage/Marketing, Presence at public events like Hudson Pride, Arts Walk, Winter Walk, etc.

Arts and Worship – We believe the arts are an important medium through which the spirit moves. We seek to build relationships with artists in our community, to find ways to support artists, and build a more enriching worship experience. 

Outreach - We seek to hear the diversity of voices in our community with an open mind, and to reach out with an open hand to any beyond our church walls who express needs, and to build relationships with our community and throughout the world. Ministries: Community Thanksgiving Dinner, disaster responses, food and school supply drives,  etc.

Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care is available to anyone at First Presbyterian Church: if you are sick, in the hospital, grieving, getting divorced, or just going through something, our pastor and deacons are available to spend time with you and your family. 

Spiritual Direction

For anyone who is looking to make a serious commitment to discerning God’s call on their life, spiritual direction is available to those who desire to make a monthly commitment to this sacred practice. Spiritual Direction, which some have called “personal training for the soul” involves taking time out and creating space to prayerfully consider how the spirit is moving in your life. While spiritual direction is NOT therapy, it does takes place one-on-one with Rev. Beilke, who will guide you in meditations and conversation about your spiritual journey. Cost is assessed on a case-by-case basis.


We believe that all persons are on a spiritual journey. Sharing our stories with each other gives us strength to walk the long road of faith. At First Presbyterian Church we encourage members to disciple one another in following Christ. If you are interested in having a prayer partner or spiritual friend, please give your name to Rev. Beilke who will be happy to make a connection for you.