The Ritual Exchange SEPT 23rd @ 5pm

The Ritual Exchange presents a very special Shabbat "Sukkot For Everyone." The Jewish festival of the booths and celebration of the harvest moon will convene on the church garden grounds here at First Presbyterian Church. We will share in a time of decorating the sukkah (outdoor "hut") with gourds and corn husks and other items of significance to the Jewish faith while led in song and prayer by the very talented Rabbi Zoe B Zak of Temple Israel of Catksill. Please bring a potluck dish to share! The ritual exchange is a ministry convened by First Presbyterian Church that brings together people of all faiths to share that which moves us most deeply. If you'd like to volunteer to help build the sukkah, we will begin construction after service on Sept. 23rd and it will continue throughout the week! 

Kathryn Beilke