FALL BIBLE STUDY @ First Pres Hudson

Bible Study This Fall convenes at 9:30 on Sundays (no meeting on Oct 14th or Sept 30th). This season we are concentrating on the theme of WATER and the imagery woven throughout scripture from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout we may make reference to our use and reliance upon water both individually and as a global society. A great resource to guide this reflection is a program at Trinity Wall St (Episcopal) in New York City. These stories are particularly enriching: https://www.trinitywallstreet.org/video/trinity-institute-2017-water-justice-storytellers-theatrical-response Looking forward to digging into the word with you! If you want to get ahead, here are the readings: Sept 9th: Water in the beginning Genesis 1 Sept 16th: God cleanses civilization through floodwaters Genesis 7:6-24 Sept. 23rd: Through the waters and out of slavery Exodus 14:21-30 Sept 30th: Parable Field Trip, no bible study Oct 7th: A righteous person is like a tree planted near a river Psalm 1 Oct 14th: Day after retreat, no bible study Oct 21st: Our God is water for our thirsty souls Psalm 63 Oct 28th: Jesus' baptism in the Jordan  Matthew 3:1-17 Nov 4th: Jesus is the wellspring of life  John 4:10-15 (John 7:37-39)Nov 11th : God calls us to share water Matthew 10:42 Nov. 18th Waters and eternity Revelation 22

Kathryn Beilke