Interfaith Hour of Prayer for DREAMERS

Beautiful photos of our Interfaith Hour of Prayer for Dreamers last Sunday at First Presbyterian Church courtesy of Left In Focus Photography. We give thanks to Juan Sanchez for his music, Joel Merker and Karen Levine from the Chatham Synagogue, Father Gary Gelfenbien of St. James Parish, Revs. Monshin Paul Naamon, and Shumon Tamami Naamon, Tendai Buddhist Institute, Payne African Methodist Episcopal Church Choir, Rev. Eileen Weglarz, Christ Church Episcopal, Shayka Sheila Foraker and Carol Taylor, AQRT Sufi Order, Pastor Dion Marquit, Grace United Methodist Church, Father Marcelino Mejicano, Centro Christiano Renacer and Jabin Ahmed of the Hudson Muslim Youth. What could be more powerful than all these faiths praying in harmony with one another? May our voices and supplications be heard!

Kathryn Beilke